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Building a Solid Brand Identity

In today’s globally competitive commercial jungle, it has become crucial for all brands to develop a strong identity in order to compete, survive, and grow. Aashish Pahwa, the founder and chief editor at Feedough.com defines brand identity as the way a brand identifies itself. It is the aggregate of brand name, tagline, brand voice, brand positioning, brand associations, and brand personality. Top global brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, and Coca-Cola all have one thing in common, a solid brand identity and this is one of the key attributes that has made these brands colossally successful. However, before any brand decides on the tangible elements that it wants to use to create its brand identity, it is imperative that you understand who you are as a brand.

Firstly, a brand must identify its mission. A pertinent question to ask yourself is why you started this business or brand. A clear understanding of your mission guides you in developing a strong brand identity.

Secondly, take a deep look at your values. What are the beliefs that drive your business or brand? Ask yourself what is important to you and your brand.

Additionally, it is important to understand your brand’s personality. Treating your brand as a person will help you determine what type of personality you want for your brand. Is the brand serious, playful, or empathetic?

Furthermore, a successful brand must identify its unique positioning. A brand must find out what it does better than everyone else in the market. How you differentiate yourself from your competitors is a fundamental question that must be answered.

Lastly, a brand must develop a clear brand voice. It is important to know the communication style you want your brand to have and how your brand would communicate with its audience.

Businesses must seriously take into consideration these five areas before attempting to develop or fine-tune their brand identity. A solid identity is immensely important to the success of any brand and it is an area that must be treated with the utmost care and meticulousness.

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