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Creating Brand Value

Globalization of commerce has forced businesses to rethink several aspects of their brand in order to remain afloat. One major concern for modern brands is the creation of value. Brands are now acutely aware that they must provide value from… Read More »Creating Brand Value

The Elusive KPIs

There is constantly a buzz about KPIs, especially in modern corporate entities. To those who have never dabbled in business, the concept of a KPI may seem nebulous. The acronym KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. It is a quantifiable… Read More »The Elusive KPIs

To Stay or Go?

A lack of enthusiasm for your job is frankly nothing new and quite widespread across generations, genders, and nationalities. We all feel demotivated at one point and we quietly contemplate whether to stay or go. However, the majority of us… Read More »To Stay or Go?