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Common Survey Participation Issues

Survey design is an area that must be treated with the utmost care because researchers want to ensure they collect the right data that can be used to address their research problem and objectives. Additionally, it is important that researchers design their surveys with the participants in mind. Quite often researchers encounter a variety of issues with participants. Let’s take a closer look at some of the common survey participation issues.

Non-response is an issue that many researchers face quite often. Many people simply refuse to participate in the survey, others “break off” meaning that they do not complete the survey, and many omit items on the survey. This is a real issue for researchers because incomplete data is difficult to use and collecting an ample sample size determines the veracity of the results.

Speeding is another common issue that researchers encounter with survey participants. Many participants attempt to speed through the survey without giving proper consideration to what is being asked. The objective is not to complete the survey faster than everyone else. Sometimes, researchers add a timer to the questions to ensure each question receives equal attention and is given a response that has been carefully considered.

Boredom or Respondent fatigue is one of the most common issues researchers face with participants. Surveys run the risk of provoking boredom and participants feel reluctant to complete the survey. Researchers can avoid this by creating surveys that are more interactive. Sliders, dials, and drag-and-drop functions can be used to avoid participants becoming bored with the survey.

Undoubtedly, survey design is a crucial element of research. Researchers must ensure that their surveys are engaging to avoid participation issues.

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