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Do You Empathize?

It has become fashionable today to use the word empathy. It is a core value that everyone wants to adopt. Empaths are deemed superior beings for their ability to understand and be sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others. As a marketer, I fully agree that empathy is a valuable asset when trying to build a lasting connection with your customers. Many marketers are solely focused on data leads and ignore the human element of marketing. It is fundamental for any good marketer to connect and see things from the customer’s perspective to gauge exactly what the customer needs. When customers feel a brand understands their struggles and provides them with the solutions they need, in return the brand is rewarded with their loyalty.

Empathy Marketing Tips

  1. Converse – It is important to have conversations with your customers whether it be by visiting stores where your brand(s) are sold or engaging them on social media. Being customer-centric by getting into their heads is crucial in delivering a positive experience with your brand. Develop a genuine connection with your customers; get to know their journey, values, desires, and pain points. Gaining your customers’ trust is key to building loyalty.
  • Content – Always provide your customers with appropriate content. It is essential they receive exactly what they want to see and learn about. Share stories that they can identify with and that address their challenges. Keeping your customers engaged through rich content is another way to show empathy and build loyalty.
  •  Language – It is vital to use empathetic language for example, “I know how you feel”, “I have faced a similar issue”, “let me see what I can do to help”, “You are absolutely correct”, “I am sorry to hear” etc. Comfort through words plays a pivotal role in empathy marketing.
  • Social Responsibility – It is wise for brands to become socially involved in the communities where their target customers reside. Showing that you care for them on a human level helps customers build trust. Ensuring your brand is an integral part of their community will definitely build generations of loyalty.

Undoubtedly, a customer-centric approach is needed to be successful in modern marketing. Showing empathy is a sure way to earn a customer’s trust and by extension, loyalty. Marketing without empathy is useless. Customers want to know you truly care and seriously consider their needs.

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