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The Music in Marketing

Music is universal, it connects us all and it is one of the oldest forms of communication. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like at least one genre of music. We all have experienced the power of music and its incomparable ability to connect with our emotions. It is for these said reasons that marketers rely on music to communicate with their audiences. Music draws in the audience and transports them to the emotional places where marketers want them to go. Persuasion to buy based on emotion does the trick every time. Famous brands like American Express, Burberry, Red Bull, Converse, and Oreo have all relied on music to entice their customers. Needless to say, their selections of music worked quite well because they are still some of the leading brands globally.

Reasons to Incorporate Music into your Advertising

  1. It creates a story. People enjoy listening to stories. Brands that provide a storyline are able to win in the marketplace. According to Headstream, people love brand stories, 55% are more likely to make a purchase where music tells a story.
  2. It evokes emotion. Many people buy based on emotion. When advertising music evokes emotions, it motivates people to buy. According to Inspira, a survey of 9,000 customers indicated that 82% make purchases based on emotional engagement.
  3. It inspires action. It is no mystery why stores play music. It makes people act on purchases much faster than a quiet store. People become caught up in the music and do not deliberate for too long on a purchase. CNN Business reports that 83% of American Shoppers enjoy in-store music since it makes shopping an experience and they are likely to stay in the store longer and purchase more than they intended.

Undoubtedly, music is a valuable tool in marketing. It stimulates customers’ emotions and of course, emotions motivate purchases. It is wise to incorporate appropriate music that is culturally and emotionally appealing to win over your customers.

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