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To Stay or Go?

A lack of enthusiasm for your job is frankly nothing new and quite widespread across generations, genders, and nationalities. We all feel demotivated at one point and we quietly contemplate whether to stay or go. However, the majority of us usually end up sticking with the monotony of our work life since we have financial responsibilities that do not go away. In recent post-pandemic times, a trend has been developing especially among Gen Z professionals. This trend is termed, “Quiet Quitting”.

What is the trend all about you may ask?

According to Lindsay Ellis and Angela Yang in their Wall Street Journal article, “Quiet Quitting” is the non-enthusiastic approach young professionals take to their jobs. They are seldom going beyond the call of duty or work to rule. This lackluster approach is their form of “quitting”.

This trend has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter and it even has its own hashtag #quietquitting. Some of us may feel inclined to join this bandwagon because at times, the work/life balance is non-existent and the constant hustle takes a mental, emotional and physical toll on us. However, we need to ask ourselves, is this approach beneficial to us in the long term? Does this fad represent who I am as a professional? Is a lackadaisical work ethic a positive legacy? Am I being a catalyst for change / empowering agent or an obstructionist to progress?

Drawbacks of Continuing to Quiet Quit

From a professional perspective, this practice is not a fruitful one and it will only cause more harm than good in the long run. This trend is symptomatic of Gen Z’s entitled attitude and inability to function under pressure.

Maintaining this disinterested work ethic will stifle your potential to professionally grow and realize your full potential. Greatness has never been achieved by doing the bare minimum.

A lack of productivity spells disaster for all areas of business and by extension, life. When business slows down, the quality of life diminishes. The implications of reduced productivity are far-reaching and it will have damaging social, economic, and political effects. 

The threat of retrenchment is a reality that must be seriously taken into consideration. As it stands now, jobs are more abundant than the workforce. People think they can easily move to another job and they can make demands on the employer. A recession is a looming reality that can tip the scales of power back to the business/employer. Many quiet quitters may find themselves out of work and facing hardship. Currently “Quiet Quitting” seems to be the only remedy to counteract exploitation and a “hustle culture”. However, after the fad is over and the realities of life return, Gen Z may find themselves in a quandary they did not expect – unemployment and poverty. It is time for this unproductive trend to end and for the world to return to the core value of honest hard work.

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